Prop Protectors

Prop Protector is an innovative yet simple propeller driven rope and weed cutter which is easy to install and maintain. All cutters are supplied with A4 quality stainless steel fasteners, Allen keys, screw locking fluid and installation instructions. Clamp on cutters takes only about 10 minutes to install.
Clamp-on standard. This type is supplied as an assembly that is split into two halves along the longitudinal axis so that it can be installed on the shaft without removing the propeller. The width is a 0.67" (17mm) and requires a minimum gap of 0.9" (23mm) between propeller boss and shaft bearing. It is clamped onto the shaft by means of two stainless steel Allen screws and secured to the shaft by a set screw after drilling a small drill dimple in the shaft for the set screw to locate. This type is available for shafts of 3/4" dia up to 2" and 20mm to 50mm.
Clamp-on Large. This type is made and fitted in the same way as standard. However cutters in the sizes 2-1/4", 2-1/2", 55mm and 60mm, have a width of 0.87" (22mm) and we recommend a minimum gap of 1/26" (32mm) for these sizes.

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